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Abscessed Tooth: A Serious Dental Infection « Young Family & Cosmetic Dentistry – Joplin, MO Dentist

Abscessed Tooth: A Serious Dental Infection

Believe you have an abscessed tooth? This kind of dental infection is very serious and should be treated immediately. Contact our dental office to schedule an appointment and learn the facts about this oral malady:

Abscessed tooth is an infection that is trapped in the mouth. It can be a gum abscess, or abscess tissue, which the outer later of the skin or gum is attached to some structure usually bones. There is enough attachment that traps the infection, and as the infection grows, pressure is increased in volume. The development of an abscess will produce pus and pain.

The root of the tooth has a small opening at the root, and blood vessels and nerves enter the tooth in that opening. Inside the tooth there is a hollow chamber which the contents of the tooth reside. If you get bacteria exposed through decay, fracture, or some trauma to the tooth the infection begins to try to establish itself. Unlike other parts of your body where the body can increase the blood supply to ward off the infection, inside the tooth it has very little blood supply to start off with. Any increased blood supply can cause more pressure where it can restrict further blood supply.

The abscess that is initially contained in the tooth will cause hypersensitivity, greater response to cold than normal, greater response to physical stimulation and food than normal. As the abscess that is trapped inside the tooth begins to spread outside the tooth , such as in the ligament, it will cause pain. Eventually the infection will overwhelm the bone and create an actual void in the bone. It is at this point in time where a dentist can see it by taking an x-ray. During this time the abscessed tooth infection can spread to other parts of the body.

The dangers of an abscess tooth are the same as with any infection within the body. If the infection travels in the body, any weakened structure can be affected. A common place to think of would be the brain, which has limited ability to swell, and the heart, where if an infection could build up on the heart, it will stop functioning. Another danger with having an abscess tooth is the stress that it puts on the immune system while trying to fight it off. It is also pulling resources from other parts of your body to fight the infection. If the infection should spread past the jaw, it can reach your eye, or it can spread below the jaw into the throat and cut off air supply.

If you have any of the symptoms listed, it is important to seek call our office right away, where antibiotics and the appropriate dental procedures such as tooth extraction or root canal can be performed.

To your dental health,

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